Recent research shows that executives fear public speaking more than death! Whilst this is an exaggeration on their part, it portrays the feeling many people have about standing up in front of a crowd and presenting their subject.


I still feel nerves and worry before a speaking engagement and I believe that this is a positive and important tool for me to create a state of flow when I talk about my story to a room full of people. The important thing is to learn how to harness that ‘fear’ and use it to your advantage. Suppressing it won’t do you any good.


I have helped a number of people gain confidence on stage, working with them 1-2-1 on understanding where the core fears come from and turning these weaknesses into strengths. Everyone can learn public speaking because language is wired into our brains and expression comes naturally to us humans as communicators. There are a number of tips and tricks that will help you focus, transfer the fear into positive energy and create the ability to zone in and flow through your presentation or speech like a pro, in just a few sessions.


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