The Leadership Development Channel

Many leaders take on more challenges and stretch themselves to inefficiency. The ability to delegate so that your performance can be levelled up requires competent direct reports, that have decision-making capability and are empowered to take responsibility. Whilst we work with individual business leaders and executives one-to-one we also realise that leadership requires followers. We know that Levelling UP your team will make you a better leader, whilst empowering them to grow and develop so they can aspire to lead one day themselves. By creating a ‘Leadership Channel’ your team gains access to business coaching and mentoring that enables them to step up their game so you can delegate and take on new and exciting challenges, and grow your business.

We are not great fans of ‘one-off’ leadership activities or workshops because we aim to create a relationship of trust with you and your team. This ‘channel’ is continuously accessible through face to face, email and phone, and acts as a continuous development source for your team. Our one-to-one mentoring sessions are available for individuals as well as group workshops and activities. The Leadership Channel is designed around your needs.



Our workshops aim to elicit leadership though processes that enable the participants to understand the difference between leadership and management. We introduce a leadership ‘toolkit’ that emphasises the traits that leaders must develop in order to succeed. We dispel myths that leaders are born, not made. We also show that leadership is not only demonstrated in charisma and great oration, but different styles of leadership are possible and should reflect the individuals character. As a result, we see confidence, expertise and natural talent emerge. These workshops usually range from a half day session to a full blown weekend leadership development course, usually held outdoors.

One of the most practical and effective of our workshops is the ‘Strategy Exploration’ workshop that is useful for both senior teams or the whole company (customised accordingly). Check out a report of a recent one we conducted here. These workshops are great to create buy-in, elicit change and improve vision across the group of participants. It can be used for a group of 4 to 4,000.

Other workshop subjects include;

The Art of Delegation – Learn how to create space in your schedule to do more of what you love doing by empowering others to take responsibility and share the burden. The ‘art’ is in how to do this so that you have the peace of mind they will deliver as well as you (or better!). Suited for those managing others.

Transformational Leadership – Learn how to transform teams and organisations through self-awareness, inspirational motivation techniques, emotional intelligence and  communication excellence. Suited for those managing others.

Get Things Done – We all have 24hrs in a day, but some seem to get more stuff done than everyone else. Learn the secretes of achieving performance excellence through simple ‘hacks’ that will enable you to become more effective with your time, including goal setting, prioritisation and accountability tracking. Great for individuals as well as teams.

Know Yourself – An excellent team workshop that enables us to really understand our influence on others, and how others influence us. This workshop is ideal for people who already work together or have been put together as a project team and need to hit the ground running.


Leadership Boot Camp

Whilst ‘away days’ for team building can be great fun and an opportunity for the team to mix and communicate, the scope of our Leadership Development activities goes beyond communication. Our scope is to develop leadership skills and use them in practice. 10 MBAs will not give you the same steep learning curve as leading a team through a crisis or a tough challenge.What businesses want more than management theory, is leadership skills at every level of its organisation. At the same time, leadership under pressure sinks in a million more times than listening to a presentation on the subject. A typical leadership programme would happen over two and a half days, outbound and over a weekend, and focus on three areas of development:

Adrenaline Reset – getting out of your comfort zones and develop decision-making skills under pressure

Leadership styles – understanding that a one-trick-pony is useless in today’s competitive environment

Finding Mind-Flow – creating an environment for you to use your strengths & those of your team (rather than work on their weaknesses) in the best way possible to achieve the team’s ultimate level of performance.