We’re getting it all wrong.

Every CEO, business leader and executive I’ve met has asked themselves the same question – how do I improve my work-life balance? Interestingly, they all seem to think that they really really need to address their work-life balance. I think that’s ludicrous. Let me explain…

Balancing work and life on a time continuum in order to achieve happiness is counter-productive. As you move the slider towards one end or the other, you simply make compromises. Work hard to achieve business success, and life has to give. Take time off to enjoy life, and your business suffers. Note that “Happiness” doesn’t grow from these compromises. In effect, we compromise between chasing the business goals of our dreams, and spending time with family or following a passion.

What if I told you that 100% is only half way there? What if you could have 100% of work success and 100% of happiness in life. Yes, 200%… Actually, why not 400% if you want to add up health, family, hobbies and work!

I’ve realised through my business work, philanthropy and extreme physical challenges that took me to the limits of my being, that you can enjoy each of these to the maximum whilst enjoying the happiness of being a loving husband and father. I’ve discovered that you can really Level UP your life in every aspect without the dreaded ‘COMPROMISE‘ of work vs. life. Indeed, I aim to ‘MAXIMISE‘ life, or Live in Ultimate Performance, Live UP.

There are two components that you need to be able to achieve this maximum. Mindfulness & Flow. Mind-Flow is all about creating a ‘super-state’ in your mind to perform at the ultimate level, and keep it there. It’s a place where everything is in sync, clear and energised.

And I can show you how… that is what I do.

Read more about why I’m qualified to make such an absurd statement here 🙂

Here is some of the stuff I find useful to maximise life.

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