Our masterclasses are also available as short courses and can be tailored to specific organisational goals and strategies. The following are some of our classes that are aimed at executives that want to take their game to the next level, and have perhaps exhausted the more conventional approaches. (Or simply like being unconventional and want to ‘hack’ their accelerated performance!)


Mindshift – change your mindset, change your game


Learn how to change the way you act, behave and feel, to reduce your anxiety and increase your confidence in decision-making, leadership, life-choices and in relationships. Using the latest research in neuroscience, psychology, business and thought leadership, this Masterclass delves deep into understanding how our brain works, so we can take control and DECIDE that we are in charge of our selves.


Stop falling foul to your emotional state, or being conditioned by what you think cannot change. Learn practical tools that enable to to see yourself from afar, increase your self-awareness and change the things you don’t like. Change the way you think and shift your mind into one of potential and success.


While this Masterclass is directed at business executives and relevant to motivational leadership, employee engagement and business performance, it is useful for professionals, member associations and other organisations, sports teams and people who work collectively. It is both useful for personal development and organisational learning. The Masterclass is also available as a course or programme and is customised to refer to your organisation’s particular strategic needs.


Typically delivered in a half day, but can be extended in more depth and include practical workshops to a full day or 2-day retreat.



Light your FIRE – the work life balance futility. How to truly ‘live’ and be fulfilled.


Why do you get out of bed in the morning? What are you searching for? What makes you want to give up the effort and dent your motivation? How can I end my day feeling that I have achieved something?

If these are some of the questions you pose yourself, then you need to get back into the driving seat and take control of your life. You need to live on your terms, and relight the FIRE that will give you a sense of fulfilment and achievement, every single day. Otherwise, we are merely striving for the far flung goal that is the next career step or long-awaited holiday to feel happy.


Based on Nathan’s FIRE model, this Masterclass explains how we can get out of the trap that is the work-life push & pull, and focus on the four areas of our lives that make it worth living. Learn how to find fulfilment through things that excite you, how to grow through challenges, feel that you are making a difference in your life, and that you can continue to improve and excel throughout your whole life. The Masterclass is full of practical tips and comes with a ‘map’ of how you can wake up every day knowing that you are going to make it one that is full of opportunity and spontaneity.


Typically delivered in a half day, but can be extended in more depth and include practical workshops to a full day or 2-day retreat.



Leading through Transforming – turning teams into hyper performers


Ideal for senior or supervisory teams within a business, this masterclass (also available as an intense programme or course) uses an unconventional approach to getting the best out of people. By ‘ditching’ the job description and transforming people into star players, we can unlock the potential of our people and reach accelerated business results with less effort and force.


Transforming teams requires 4 I’s of high performance leadership; Ideals, Inspiration, Individuals and Intellect. Combining approaches from Sinek to Ghandi, Jobs to Ali, we cover what turns employees into followers, and followers of leaders into independent thinkers and performers. We show you, through our own experiences of leading teams as diverse in size as the industries they were in, how you can transform people into individual and team performers through learnt techniques.


Typically delivered in a half day, but can be extended in more depth and include practical workshops to a full day or a 5 day leadership course.



Motivation – the secret sauce


What motivates us to climb mountains, swim treacherous seas and run extreme ultra marathons? Adventurer and entrepreneur Nathan Farrugia shares is views on motivation, brain science, and his experiences from ‘near death’ situations, to inspire you to stop your self-limiting beliefs and unlock your full potential in work, life and relationships.


His open, personal and candid approach gives us a sense that ordinary can be extraordinary, if we put our minds to it. It’s not just about being ‘gung ho!’ however; a lot of complexity goes into our behaviour and mindset that allows (or blocks) achievement and excellence. Through this masterclass you will learn how to become self-motivated and choose your own path to success.


Typically delivered in a half day, but can be extended in more depth and include practical workshops to a full day, or combined with the above subjects into a multi-day programme.