Studies show that the majority of people re unhappy at work, or in different aspects of their life. If you are running a business, a sports organisation or a team of any kind, this is a huge concern. Our goal at Ultimate Performance is to reverse that mindset through a new way of looking at the problem of motivation. Here is how:


All schools of thought are looking at motivation purely as a psychological phenomenon that in turn requires approaches that are strictly limited to changes in behaviour. From employee engagement to ‘culture forming’, the majority of effort is focussed on boosting organisational and team performance through added content, training, skills development and  cognitive development.

We focus on psychology and forget about neurology and biology.

Even for those that address other aspects of life, at least 80% effort addressing engagement through skills training, with only a very small effort on ‘everything else’, such as sleep, mental agility, decision-making under pressure, coping with stress, memory enhancement, problem solving and intuitive/creative thinking. Yet ask any CEO to praise the attributes they would LOVE to have in their senior teams and they will inevitably reflect the latter! WE NEED A PARADIGM SHIFT.


We need to spend 80% of our efforts, budgets, resources and time focussing on these aspects of performance. Technical ability is becoming ubiquitous and it is this excellence that will take our businesses and our teams to the top of their league. These are the people we need to motivate and retain in our business, and they are the toughest to head-hunt or recruit.


Interestingly, the aspects of performance mentioned above are all present in Flow State, a state of mind when we are at peak performance. Quick decision-making, thriving in stressful situations, agility in thinking and maximising team performance through transformational leadership all benefit from the Flow triggers we can stimulate though our workshops.


Our individual performance is a mix of mental, physical and spiritual strength, and the interplay between these parts that make up our Self. To achieve hyper-performance we need to raise our game in all areas, and harmonise their inter-relationship through practice and continuous learning. When our body and mind are cleared from blocks that set us back, our energy, thoughts and performance flows freely; effortlessly.


High performing athletes have the ability to think fast under pressure and use mindfulness to control their nerves and heart rate. CEOs need to be in physical shape to deal with the demands that stressful decision-making has on our physical wellbeing, stay sharp and recall knowledge when leading the business and others. Both must be at peace with their self and their energy levels need to flow across mind and body to gain ultimate performance.


We need to be able to “Hack” our lifestyles to Maximise return on time, effectiveness and learning, in order to reach higher states of performance. From hacking sleep to maximise rest and mental recovery, to hacking group flow to enhance collaboration, to hacking our nutrition to reduce harmful hormones and reduce ‘brain fog’; these aspects need to become THE PRIORITY of our efforts to increase performance.


Our Performance Lab looks at Mind and Body aspects of performance that either evaluate or facilitate their development towards hyper-performance. We facilitate Flow States, EQ and NLP through our experiential workshops, and benchmark physical performance through VO2 and Power testing in our UP Lab. We don’t like classrooms, so given a choice we play outdoors in nature and draw expression and inspiration from our surroundings.


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