Imagine finding the way to press ‘CONTROL-ALT-DELETE’ for your mind, body and soul and reboot yourself!


Finally!! A break from the rat race that is not just about quiet meditation, but full of mindful, exciting, stimulating, socially engaging and de-stressing activities; all organised into one weekend of learning and exploration!



We often camp as a family and the benefits we get for us and our children is tremendous. However there is more to it than ‘escaping’ ; we wanted to create something that would leave a lifelong mark on those that joined us on our next adventure, so we started Camp ReSet.  Nathan & Deirdre Farrugia

Whether it is adults, children, families or work colleagues, our digital detox camps aim to take you out of the crazy world for a few days for you to experience how real the world actually is. As we live our lives on autopilot, not even noticing what is going on around us to a extent we can’t even remember driving to work or what we had for breakfast. Our brains are overloaded to such an extent that our performance is hampered by ‘brain fog’. We aim to clear that fog for you through education and practice. It’s our promise.


Flow in every aspect of your life leads to Ultimate Performance

Our approach is to create an environment that brings as many FLOW TRIGGERS as possible into your experience.

SOCIAL triggers that will allow you to feel comfortable in company, lower your perpetual guard, boost self confidence and assertiveness, and improve your communication and public speaking skills.

ENVIRONMENTAL triggers that will stimulate a different way of thinking, tune in to nature as a source of inspiration or relaxation, and reduce fears that hijack your amygdala, reducing stress and worry.

PSYCHOLOGICAL triggers that will allow you to clear the brain fog, think faster, decide better and learn how to read others to give you both emotional intelligence and influencing skills.

CREATIVE triggers that will stretch you out of your comfort zone and stimulate some right brain thinking, improving your performance in problem solving and boosting your memory.


A Mindfulness Approach for a Stressless Life

Our underpinning philosophy for Camp ReSet is to create constant opportunity to live in the NOW and to be mindful of everthing that is going on, both in your head and around you. Our goal is to teach you to appreciate emotion, sensory input, thoughtfulness and body movement so that you can learn how to live in a state of mindfulness to stop the overthinking that causes is worry and strife.

Only when we realise what is going on in our head can we choose how our thoughts affect us. Only through mindfulness can we achieve serenity of mind – a mindless existence yo-yos from numbness to suffering. It is only in this Flow state that our brain can function at full capacity.


Working together, we achieve a greater knowledge of ‘self’

Our programme includes the opportunity to share feedback in a non-threatening way, ensuring that we achieve the GROWTH experience we require to Level UP. A series of activities and exercise will give the opportunity to everyone (even the most shy) to learn more about themselves, boost their EQ and self-awareness, leading to a long term journey of growth.

Either as groups or as families, depending on the camp set-up, we will live together for a weekend and explore aspects of our life and how to ‘HACK’ it for ultimate performance.


Re-Wilding ourselves back to nature and reversing some of the negativity of civilisation will serve us, as long as we do it frequently enough to Re Set our mind and body

Living in nature for a few days works wonders on your mind. However the activities at Camp ReSet will also improve our bodies through physical movement, breathing meditation, mindfulness, ‘stretch’ activities and relaxation exercises. Our goal is a holistic change to the way you look at your whole being. We want you to learn how to take control of your life, your aspirations and your journey. Whether its the possible career promotion, starting a family, recovering from troubled times or simply wanting to ‘get away from it all’, Camp ReSet will be your Ctrl-Alt-Delete buttons in real life!

Our pricing is great value when you consider you’d pay many more times the price to attend workshops by some of our international-calibre experts. To top that, you will enjoy a great experience of semi-sufficiency, camaraderie, fun and laughter!

For Enquiries for Bespoke Camps for your friends or colleagues, or to attend our next open camp, please get in touch via our contact page. We aim to have at least one camp a season.