Companies and organisations can only become leaders if there is a mix of both technical ability and soft skills within its leadership. Whilst most technical and academic competencies can be gained through education, in-house training and traditional academic courses; skills that enhance mental agility, decision-making, trust, emotional intelligence and strategic thinking are less effective if taught through theory in a classroom.


One of our most popular methods of teaching is through experiential workshops. We can trigger adrenaline, flow state, emotional intelligence, NLP techniques and mindfulness through these workshops. They range from 3hrs to full day activities, and can be tailored for groups of any size.


We facilitate these workshops through a process of learning that ensures that a lot more is retained for later practical use, than listening to a lecturer or a power-point presentation. We follow a simple process that creates a circle of reinforcement, boosting confidence to use the learning later in real life.


Most importantly, the experiential learning is followed by reflection, to solidify the learning outcomes and tie up the personal understanding of the experience with its ‘usefulness’ in the business or organisation.
One of our most popular workshops is a multifaceted ‘slack line’ activity combining techniques from mindfulness, emotional intelligence, neurolinguistic programming and leadership all together. Through this workshop the participants gain self-awareness, lead others through crisis, and understand how to use emotional intelligence to influence others. The activity is perfectly safe and suitable for any level of fitness.