When you know yourself, you can push your limits further.

Nathan Farrugia, endurance athlete and record breaker.



To reach Ultimate Performance you need to measure your starting point and your progress. It is only through understanding your current levels of performance can you aspire to take them to a higher level. Continuous measurement is critical. VO2 testing is suitable for any level of fitness and the most accurate way to guide your training and predict your performance.




Ultimate Performance, (opening soon) at YUE Health & Fitness Centre in Naxxar, is using its extensive knowledge of the endurance industry, nutrition, biomechanics, power analysis and VO2 Testing for threshold and heart-rate training plans to provide you with a state-of-the-art ULTIMATE PERFORMANCE LAB to test and guide your training.

The results of your test will accurately show you your current cardiovascular potential and guide your training to your threshold for fat burning, fitness improvement and athletic improvement. In this way your training is focussed and you don’t waste time seeing improvements or reaching your goals.


Our VO2 Max, Aerobic and Anaerobic Threshold testing equipment was designed for NASA and the space programme, to provide accurate testing results using gold standard gas chamber testing (as opposed to cheaper less reliable testing methods) that reads the whole test rather than sampling ‘breath by breath’ units during the protocol. This ensures an accurate average reading that eliminates errors and provides a stable and reliable value for the individual to use for their plan.

Our tests can be carried out on a Treadmill or an indoor Bike, Rower or your own bike on our turbo trainer.


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Almost everyone with a physiology or cardiopulmonary background can buy a machine to test people, but few have tested themselves running for 24 hrs, achieved top age-group Ironman performances or ran 27 back to back marathons like Nathan. The scientific approach we use is doubled up with this vast experience in practical solutions, allowing you to use your test results to break new barriers. Using this method Nathan qualified as an All World Ironman athlete with only 4 months of specific training, and never more than 10 hrs a week in total to achieve a 9hr 36min time. This specificity is drawn from accurate reading and continuous measurement. Knowing his thresholds has allowed him to push them higher and higher with specific training.


Our UP LAB will be providing local testing so you don’t have to travel overseas for the same output. Your tests will be given to you for your own coaches to evaluate, if you are already on a training plan. We do encourage you to book an pre-season test, a peak performance test and a recovery season test to ensure that you are aware of what is happening to your cardiovascular system even when you are recovering.



The UP LAB will also test power output on the bike and provide you with your power readings for your roller and turbo sessions Understanding your Functional Threshold Power (FTP) will allow you to accurately predict your time trial times and speed and pacing plans. This is critical for triathletes who need to ‘dial back’ from peaking to save their legs for a strong run. It is also useful for amateur cyclists to build their training plans on the turbo trainer and know how hard to push.

These are extremely useful sessions that will make a HUGE difference to your performance on the bike, particularly in time trailing and triathlon. We use a top Kurt Kinetic Trainer, GARMIN power sensors and algorithms, and Trainer Road software to keep you focussed during the testing.

With accurate power readings we can tweak your bike position, aerobar and seat height, and other variables to understand their impact on your power output. Plenty of research shows that hip angle or two steep an aero position reduces power and hampers your run; but how much can you compromise aero vs power? Second only to the wind tunnel testing it is an excellent way to adapt your own personal bike position to evaluate how this influences your power, heart rate and flexibility and increase your race performance.

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The UP LAB is complimented with physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, swim-resistance pool, fitness and strength training equipment, nutrition advice and massage therapy. Your one-stop-shop for ULTIMATE PERFORMANCE. Click here to visit YUE website.