We have learnt a great deal running organisations, heading sports teams, setting world records, organising international events and following various University and training courses, whilst reading hundreds of books over the years. Of all the ‘smarties’ we crammed into our brains, we have selected the most useful and impactful learning and put them into our ‘toolbox’ to share with you through our courses and workshops.


Our methods are aimed at time-crunched individuals that want to learn quick and fast, to be able to use the information immediately, at work and in life. We teach ‘hacks’ to speed up performance in thinking skills, finding purpose and developing leadership, as well as tools to improve mindfulness, reduce stress and boost our emotional intelligence. Our content is backed by evidence from practice, and less through theory and academics. We find that experience sifts out the real juicy stuff that can be used in the real world.


All our content is PRACTICAL and applicable by the individual, whether for personal development or as part of a team. Our team based courses and workshops enhance cooperation, create strong culture and improve dynamics for decision-making without distraction. Indeed, we believe that we can change organisations performance through the leaders and executives we train, rather than through ‘abstract’ strategic thinking.


The subjects below can be delivered on site or away, through 1 hr workshops to 3 day live-ins, and anything in between. We’ll tailor around your aims and objectives.


Some of the tools and hacks you will learn at our workshops include:


Personal/Executive Performance

Finding Purpose and Ikigai

Mindfulness to Clear Brain Fog

Time, Sleep, Nutrition and Exercise Hacks for Ultimate Performance

Leading Transformation

Public Speaking in Flow

Finding ‘Flow’ and all-round Performance


Team/Business Performance

Team Excellence: Social Triggers for Team Flow

Ultimate Sales Techniques

Strategic Exploration and Blue Sky Creativity

The Art of Long View – Scenario Planning

Engagement through Intrinsic Motivation: Fairness vs Equality


We have plenty of other areas of expertise, and love to mix and match to suit your specific needs as an organisation or an individual. Why not get in touch and start by explaining your aims, and we can work backwards to plan the way to achieve them!