I finally published my book: A Million Steps. It took a while but it was well worth the effort. Cathartic, you could say.

Thanks to Glen Calleja and his infinite patience, we pulled together stories from my experiences attempting some of the worlds toughest endurance challenges, and the lessons they taught me.

The aim is to pass those lessons on to the reader in the hope that
it challenges thinking, mindset and behaviours to encourage
‘exiting the comfort zone’.

I must thank everyone who has really helped me achieve these
experiences over the years. From family, mentors to business
partners, employees and friends, you have been an active part of
my life and have shaped me. I hope that this book does you

I’d love your feedback, but you have to read it first! You can find
it on Amazon as an eBook and soon as a Paperback. You can also
find it locally at Agenda and WH Smith in Malta.

Official Overview: I set a world record running 27 marathons in 27 consecutive days in 27 different countries. This is the story of
those one million steps, that led to deep insights into what allows us to push far beyond our perceived abilities. Whether you are a business executive or simply keen to take your game to the next
level, this book will provide you with a series of fundamental
questions you need to ask yourself before getting out of your
comfort zone.

In a jargon-free storytelling approach, I recount my experiences attempting – and not always completing – some of the world’s toughest endurance challenges, and the lessons learnt through success and failure. With reflections on recent brain science, business &
leadership literature, psychology and spirituality, I hope you will
be both moved and entertained! 

This book is not aimed to preach or tell you how you should live
your life, but reading about my thought-provoking experiences
will make you ask yourself some fundamental questions about
unlocking your fullest potential…