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About this course

What you’ll learn

People with high levels of Emotional Intelligence are capable of turning their emotional state into a resource bank to enhance and improve personal relationships, deal with stressful situations better, and lead a calmer lifestyle.

Emotional Intelligence or emotional quotient (EQ), is just one component that forms our character and personality traits. Higher levels of EQ allow individuals to turn emotions into powerful learning lessons, and additional tools to deal with complex situations.

During this short course you will therefore learn the importance of harnessing EQ in our day-to-day, understand how to harness the potential of EQ to reduce stress and build better relationships. You will also learn the tools of the trade to improve your EQ from the lessons taught to us by the authors of EQ literature.

Who this is for?

This short course is for any individual who wishes to enhance the power of their own emotions and start transforming these into knowledge you can use to change behaviour.

Any team leader, manager or client serving attendee would benefit greatly from this short course so that they may learn how to understand the way their colleagues and clients are feeling in a more productive and trusting manner.

Training format

Lessons will be delivered in bite-sized video messages. Each lesson will provide focussed orientation on a specific topic, theme or tool.

At the end of the course you will be assessed by means of a short multiple-choice quiz, and once completed successfully, you will receive a certificate of attendance.