Finding Ultimate Performance

Do you feel that you could perform better but there are too many things holding you back? No one to delegate to? Not enough time in the day? Growing your business feels like you’re the only person on the bandwagon? Business Coaching (or executive coaching) aims to help business leaders to focus on what matters and maximise their ability to perform through guided processes, a sounding board and customised leadership development. Whilst everyone’s particular needs are different and require a customised approach, we are often asked to give examples of how we work. We’ve set up this page so that you can get an idea of options, but please note that we only work with clients we discuss with first, in order to tailor a programme to their needs. Our philosophy is simple. We work with individuals one on one to help them find their ultimate performance levels for business and life.

We work equally on business coaching that reflects your business goals as well as your individual mindset that reflects your state of mind. There are two paths that can lead to ultimate performance in business and life and are not mutually exclusive; they are choices.


Business Coaching

Typically a CEO or business leader will approach us when they are either stuck on a particular issue, feel demotivated or uninspired, or is facing a crisis. Often, however, this is a symptom of a particular deeper problem that has erupted into an issue. We work with the individual to figure out the root of the issue. Often we find that strong leaders take on more and more challenge and responsibility, creating a ‘leadership gap’ between them and their direct reports, requiring ever-more effort to keep up momentum and difficulty in delegating higher level responsibilities. We work with such leaders to close that gap by working on two levels – focussing on transformational leadership with the individual, and then putting in place the process of empowerment by choosing the right people and then ensuring they can be trusted with responsibility.


We also have people ask for our advice as a sounding board when going through a transition at work, growing their business or, in particular when their business is facing change. We also work with individuals who feel that they are not reaching their full potential and want to clear some of the stuff that is fogging their mind, especially when some important decisions are looming. At this level, we will acting as a coach to the executive or leader, or else sometimes we work on a project basis whereby we help the leadership of the organisation through a particular change or development. In this instance we can also bring in other expertise to work with the leadership team in setting up organisational structures, culture thermometers, business productivity flow and other tools useful for raising the level of  business performance through its leadership.


Individual Mind-Flow 

As individuals, we have expectations of what we feel is our potential and this is the driver for us to perform. Unfortunately, this potential is ‘curbed’ by our self confidence, lack of knowledge or worse; imposed on us by others. We work on a one-to-one basis with individuals who aspire to be at a different level altogether than they are now. Indeed, many are not sure what their potential is until we explore it with them over time. Whether it is achieving a BHAG at work, embarking on a physical challenge or making a major decision (quitting your job to go solo? merge your business? taking on a new challenge?) we can help you achieve greater mental clarity for you to be the best you can, and raise your game. We use concepts such as mindfulness and flow to frame our discussions because these are effective tools that allow you to achieve a higher level of mental clarity, performance and energy which then leads to better business and life decisions.


Personal Wellness

Ah…the ultimate search for work-life balance for happiness… STOP looking for that compromising balance! A healthy body and a sharp mind will lead to happiness at work, so that you can enjoy every single minute of your 24hrs. You’ll even enjoy deeper and greatly restoring sleep! The problem with finding a balance is that as you give to one thing, you take from the other. We can work with you to help you achieve both at the same time. Whilst the above two aspects take care of business, our personal wellness programmes take care of the ‘life’ part. We help set you off on the right track with time management tips, exercise & nutrition advice and easy-to-achieve goals that will take you on a wellness journey so you can cope with (and enjoy!) the stresses of work and life. And we do it in a way that relates to your own personal objectives and state-of-mind. We use ‘KPI’s’ to measure progress and allow you to track your improvements. We also ensure that you learn how to carry on without help, as it is a life-long approach that we use.


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