We coach & mentor performance excellence through leadership

Business Coaching

Working with CEOs, business leaders, and executive teams to find their purpose, drive and “flow” in their business is one of the most effective ways of achieving ultimate performance today. Because it is specifically geared to the goals and objectives of the business, aligning individual goals to your business goals creates a very powerful driver for success. Combined with our leadership development programmes, that success can then grow rapidly through empowerment.

Our holistic approach to working one-to-one with our clients results in a mix of executive coaching, mentoring, consultancy and personal development that one would normally have to source separately, at a high cost of time and money. Our remit is to focus on YOU. This mix is a toolbox that can be utilised to suit your particular needs and brought in according to the programme. Here’s how it works for one of our clients;

Our workshops aim to elicit leadership though processes that enable the participants to understand the difference between leadership and management. We introduce a leadership ‘toolkit’ that emphasises the traits that leaders must develop in order to succeed.

We show that leadership is not only demonstrated in charisma and great oration, but different styles of leadership are possible and should reflect the individuals character. As a result, we see confidence, expertise and natural talent emerge.

Job Role Coaching

If you are looking to raise your game and develop well-rounded leadership, decision-making and thinking skills, this is the right programme for you. We work side-by-side with you to help you find your FIRE and to unleash your infinite potential in your career. We want you to maximise your ability in the role you were made for!

Team Coaching

As the saying goes, there is no “I” in Team. During the Team Performance workshops, we build trust through better understanding of of different personalities and perceive different messages from different situations, language or opportunities. We will work on enhancing team dynamics, establishing mutually reinforcing objectives and ensuring all members are exclusively motivated by each other’s performance.

We focus on your people by working on what makes them tick! We explore the power of the mind and its capacity to turn challenges into opportunities. By understanding the aspirations of your people we can focus on getting them their quicker, with more clarity, purpose and effectiveness.

Organisational Strategy

We say it as it is: without a clear strategy and the right processes in place, no business can say they are ready for what’s next. Brexit, climate change, US-China trade wars, the COVID-19 pandemic, oil fluctuations and so on are external factors you cannot control.

But, what you can do is ensure you have the right people in the right places to weather any storm. We will therefore work with you and your teams to fine tune the structures and processes you need to turn a crisis into an expansion plan, labour shortage into a recruitment drive, and KPIs into bed-time reading!

Corporate Wellness

Ultimate performers start by optimising their mental and physiological health: the fundamental pillars that will support them throughout their journey and enable them to achieve in business and in life. 

We are dedicated to helping leaders and their teams raise their performance levels and be the best version of themselves through the embodiment of wellbeing in everyday life! 

We bring in our executive experience, business coaching and proven wellbeing practices into a holistic wellbeing programme suited to your business and individual needs. 

Using our F.I.R.E philosophy, we will help you achieve your wellness goals by living a life full of FLOW that leaves the desired IMPACT through each of your ROLES, and keep you motivated on your path to EXCELLENCE!

UP Wellness sessions come in the form of interactive workshops, wellness coaching in groups or 121 and corporate wellness programmes. 

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