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All pro. No cons. Performance-enhancing coaching services for organisations & professionals.

Everything is working well enough. 

You and your organisation have come a long way. You’re proud of what you’ve accomplished.

But you know you can perform better. Much better.

Up Your Level exists to give you the tools you and your team need to unlock your absolute best.

While primarily based in Malta and the UAE, our team has over 30 years of combined international business and coaching experience alongside a proven methodology that’s been put to work for organisations of all sizes and industries, we build on your strengths and dramatically improve the mindset of your team for long-term performance gains you know are within your reach.

We Help Eliminate Organisational Pain Points

✘ Low Team Engagement

✘ Dwindling Overall Performance

✘ Retention Challenges

✘ Recruitment Struggles

✘ Instability and Change

✘ Inefficiencies & Downtime

✘ Employee Burnout

✘ Employee Skill Mismatch

And Solve Individual Stressors

Communication Effectiveness

Unclear Career Path

Skill Redundancy

Lack of Growth Opportunities

Work-Life Balance

Increasing Stress Levels

Interpersonal Struggles

✘ Micro-Management Frustrations

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Benefits for Organisations

✓ Create a culture of performance

✓ Sustainable profitability and ROI

✓ Achieve organisational goals through team strengths

✓ Build team resilience

✓ Clear development paths for team members

✓ Consistent team effort and engagement

✓ Spark innovation

✓ Foster organisational agility

✓ Stronger employee performance and motivation

✓ Employer branding: Recruit, engage, and retain with success


Benefits for Individuals

✓ Significant performance gains

✓ Reduction of overall stress

✓ More effective leadership

✓ Navigate complex challenges

✓ Communicate with impact

✓ Uncover growth opportunities

✓ Identify professional learning paths

✓ Set and achieve professional goals

✓ Stronger overall influence

✓ Healthier work/life integration

✓ Better emotional intelligence

✓ Build stronger relationships


What our clients say about us

"I felt that the time we spent together gave me a curiosity to learn more about this state of flow and how to harness it in my everyday life and work. Keep up the great work.”

Andrew MangionEC English Malta Executive Chairman

"Super inspired by Julian Azzopardi‘s talk yesterday about leading with purpose. He gave some very interesting insights on the roots of human behaviour and actions and how they link with the golden circle, explaining how to use those principles to lead a team to success."

Cecila MzayekFounder of TimeNinja

If you go to Malta, look up Julian Azzopardi at UP Insights. As the CEO, he is a wonderful blend of strategic thinking and creativity, combined with an attention to detail, a focus on providing the highest level of professional development and a drive to support the growth and success of organisations and their key leaders. He’s making waves, of the best kind!

Henry Rose LeeInter-Generational Expert & Keynote Speaker

"Julian is an expert with integrity. Working along side Julian to improve the performance of the company I work for was a massive learning experience and inspirational. Julian’s ability to listen to our ideas and come up with pragmatic solutions is impressive. No matter what question I ask, he will always answer. Julian has developed his skills through years of study, experiences, voluntary work and overcoming obstacles. I strongly recommend Julian Azzopardi if you wish to achieve more out of life."

David SantSS Lifts Technical Manager

"We had a very interesting session with Up Your Level on how to be our better versions, how to adapt and embrace change, introducing us to the FIRE approach! Thanks for putting so much enthusiasm and passion into it!"

Mireia Garcia-Tapia YturriagaDDTT Bershka Malta Brand Manager

"Investing in people is a priority for us at ICON. More than ever, we’re seeing true, tangible value by broadening team members’ horizons at every level. Interns gaining new skills via shadowing experiences, ITIL training for all developers and customer-facing team members, and company-wide motivational speeches like the inspirational Nathan Farrugia and his FIRE method, the boost in morale and motivation makes us all stronger. It’s all well and good to push your team to reach their targets, but you can’t expect a team to deliver true value if you’re not investing in them."

Ian CastilloIcon Malta Managing Director

I wanted to thank you for the help and guidance you gave my team and I during the year. We truly managed to reach what we thought was unreachable from a change management perspective. We also had a record turnover, with a 20% increase over the prior year and the OKRs worked wonders in helping us achieve that!

Thomas ZammitElektra Ltd. CEO

"It was an awesome experience attending this new innovative programme, what I acquired from the training was more than what I expected. The speaker spoke eloquently and ensured that the session was an interactive one. The session was backed up with some real-life experiences of participants which made it more relatable. The training was informative, linking our minds to ideas, possibilities, and unforeseen circumstances."

Silvana Sant'AngeloTraining and Development Specialist, MAPFRE MIDDLESEA

Nathan was the keynote speaker during our last senior management conference. The conference was themed around equipping our management for success and getting them to move out of their pre-set performance boundaries. Nathan shared his personal experiences about the endurance events he has participated in ….and the impact on the audience was huge! All the team left with a dropped jaw and a realisation that, with the right mental and spiritual mind frame, you can stretch yourself and achieve much more than you though you could. I would therefore recommend Nathan for similar assignments around public speaking.

Mike XuerebChief Executive Officer at EC Group of Language Schools

Why Work With Us?


The way we do anything is the way we do everything.

It all starts with our mindset – our behaviours are a result of the way we think. The Up Your Level method is proven to change the way we think for the better so that all the results we achieve last a lifetime.


We have occupied top executive positions for decades.

We speak from experience and tell the truths that come from real-world experience. Sometimes, the truth is tough. But it really resonates and leads to life-long lessons being learned.


A better performing team is made of better performing individuals.

We take a unified approach that builds individuals into better team members – for a stronger sense of self and a much more valuable presence at work.


Coaching and mentoring give the individual a choice.

This approach allows anyone to choose their best path to unlocking their potential. We embrace the differences between individuals and love seeing the immense variety of routes to success. This way, when our clients make strides towards their goals, they know it is all their doing.


We know how easy it may be to slip into old habits.

We work with you and your team to make sure that change is lasting and sustainable. This means we support everyone who participates – through tough times and when celebrating the wins.


Our method and our process is wrapped in wellness.

A change in mindset almost inevitably steers us in the direction of a healthier lifestyle. It is one of the cornerstones of performing at our best – mentally and physically. Our approach blurs the divide between a healthy body and a sharp mind and shows how one is indispensable to the other.


We learn all about you and your business first.

Your company, your leadership team, your business objectives, your timings… every aspect of your business is unique and we tailor our programmes to bring out the very best of your specific circumstances.

The FIRE Methodology

At Up Your Level, we work within a proven framework that has been designed and optimised to bring about the (sometimes radical) changes we need to feel that we are really unlocking our maximum potential.

Flow. Impact. Responsibilities. Excellence.

These are the four pillars of our process. While every one of these in isolation would lead to a positive impact on our lives, it takes all four to really change one’s mindset for the better.



Flow is a state of mind that is hard to achieve. But while we are in a state of flow, we can achieve anything we set our minds to. The FIRE approach starts by making sure a state of flow is not only achievable, but something that we are in control of.


What goes on inside our minds can leave a lasting impact on the world around us. The FIRE pathway places a focus on impact so that there is an immediate and tangible result of a shifting mindset.


Finding your area of greatness is a revelation. Embracing this as your role and accepting it as a responsibility is a powerful motivator to be the best you can be. We work with individuals and teams to determine our roles and responsibilities – at work and in our personal lives.


Excellence is an active and life-long pursuit. It is only accessible through continuous improvement and learning. The FIRE method creates a virtuous cycle of self-assessment and active self-improvement so that excellence becomes a state of mind.

Why bother with coaching services?

Personal Fulfilment

Do you ever feel like you’re under-performing?

Do you feel you could do so much more with your innate abilities if you could focus more? Like you sometimes get in your own way as you attempt to deliver your ultimate performance?

Your journey of transformation will, from the very start, equip you with the tools you need to be your best self. You will surprise yourself, feeling that you’re finally performing at the level you always knew you could.

It makes business sense

Your organisation does not depend on its people.

It depends on the right people, performing at their best. Starting with leadership and working your way throughout the organisation, a more focused and capable team is within easy reach.

As your leadership team unlocks its maximal potential, you will start to witness a culture based on maximal performance. And this is infectious. It trickles through the organisation, changing the mindset as it does. 

Professional excellence

You know that sneaking suspicion that you might be faking it all?

Have you read about ‘imposter syndrome’ and thought it applies to you? Have you looked at your organisation’s leadership and thought you have what it takes to make an impact at that level? Or are you at the very top and aware that there’s always more you can do to inspire a more driven team?

The you that is brimming with brilliance is right there, waiting to be channelled and amplified. 

Consider the cost

The cost of human capital to your organisation is, well, significant. Have you considered the cost of inefficiency? Have you considered how a team that’s performing at its best can have a multiplier effect on your bottom line?

If your team is really your greatest asset, then it should really reap the benefits of a strategic investment in its productivity.

Meet our Coaches

Organisations we work with

It starts with a conversation

Our programmes can be launched in a matter of days, and results can be perceived after the very first session. Getting started is a simple, 3-step process: 

  1. A commitment-free discovery session where we understand your objectives and pain points.
  2. We then design a performance-focused, tailor made plan of action.
  3. We execute the plan and consistently monitor its effectiveness – tweaking it as needed.

Book your discovery meeting below or get in touch.

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