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Leaders today need to perform at their ultimate best at all times. We can help you focus better on what matters…


Our Team workshops will help develop stronger relationships, better communication, inclusion and TRUST…


The leading employee engagement platform to make your small to mid-size business more productive, more profitable, and easier to run…


Ultimate performance relies on the continued sharpening of skills. Our training programmes are made-to-measure “leadership toolkits” for your team…


“Iron sharpens iron”. Leaders sharpen leaders. Vistage is the leading CEO and Executive peer-to-peer network in the world…


Connecting Colleagues is a new tool thought of and developed to improve the type of relationships we foster in the workplace…


FLOW is a state which you can trigger through activity that is deeply focused, slightly uncomfortable, somewhat risky and out of your regular routine.

We know there are a range of ‘triggers’ that we can use to get into flow, through a process of commitment to enrich our lives. When in flow, your performance goes through the roof. Your brain functions at a higher level, helping you speed up learning, decision-making and impact. Learning how to get more flow is critical in your journey to light your fire.


IMPACT is your positive influence on people, environment and the public, achieved through altruistic actions, reaching out to others, doing no harm, and giving your time or money to causes you believe in. We have one short life and we must find more ways to make it meaningful.

Making a difference to others, from daily random acts of kindness to dedicated volunteering and mission work, everyone can make an impact on the people around them if only they paid more attention.


ROLES and responsibility is committing to be the best person in the role that you have accepted to take on. To be the best parent, sibling or relative you can be by giving your time and making them a priority. To be the best boss, colleague or employee by acting with virtue and honesty, putting in effort and maximising your contribution. To be a good friend and dedicated person in your community. To give full attention to what role you are performing at that point in time. Start by switching off your phone when you are with loved ones, and improving your listening skills when at work or with friends


EXCELLENCE is all about bettering yourself, learning throughout your life, and triggering new brain pathways through enhanced thinking, behaving and decision-making. Learning things that are outside the realm of your work requirements is also useful. Reading up on topical issues, staying informed of current affairs and developing an opinion on a range of matters is important. Honing a skill or a craft by practicing and getting coached, and a continuous thirst to learn and experience. Become excellent at your skill and you will be even more motivated to raise your game. Share that excellence with others by using your skill to have an impact, or to help someone else grow. Be excellent in all you do!

is fueled by FIRE

The FOUR Elements that add value to our lives and motivate us to get out of bed in the morning are FLOW, IMPACT, ROLES & EXCELLENCE. The balance of these four elements in our life is what will increase its quality. The balance will give us motivation, meaning, fulfilment and purpose. Imbalance will make us feel stressed, useless, empty and lethargic.


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