International Speaker Event: Andy Lopata on How NOT to get Referrals

When advertising is known to be losing steam, and social media bombardment is often overkill, the single most effective way to grow your business is through networking and referrals. “People buy from people” is a truth that is often undermined because it may not be a skill set we access easily – until now!

Learn a winning referral strategy from one of Europe’s top networking strategists Andy Lopata and unveil a wealth of potential business:

Is it for you? Are you;
Looking to grow your business from start up to scale up?
Seeking ways to multiply and diversify your established client base?
Aiming to increase your return by focussing on higher yield clients?
Curious about business growth, human behaviour and relationship building?

What you will learn:
•Why the majority of current approaches to generate referrals fail
•The range of people who could refer you but you haven’t even thought of asking
•How you might prevent yourself from asking for referrals with lame excuses
•Exactly how you could be selling for much more, with less effort!
And a great deal more…

Get your tickets HERE

Evolution Conference 2015, Arena MK, Milton Keynes, énergie fitness

Evolution Conference 2015, Arena MK, Milton Keynes, énergie fitness


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