Corporate Wellness Programmes


the Vitamin C for your business

Healthy employees means more energy, better focus, more productivity and great business performance. It’s that simple! At Ultimate Performance, wellness is one of the main pillars of success that we emphasise with all our clients, personal or business. A healthy body, a clear mind and a purpose with a passion makes for excellence in performance, whatever your area. And it makes good business sense with proven ROI with long-lasting effects on business performance.


Team UP include a record breaking adventurer, olympic athlete, internationally qualified nutritionist, experienced CEOs and executives that know how powerful a ‘culture of wellbeing’ can be for an organisations performance. Our combined experience will turn your company team into one that is educated about health, nutrition, mindfulness and stress control, giving them long-term solutions to a lifestyle of wellness that will serve them for the rest of their lives.


We love myth busting, and will spend a lot of our time helping you sift through the tons of “BS” that confuse everyone’s ideas about exercise, nutrition and wellbeing. It’s not often that you’ll get the experience of someone who has set mind-boggling world endurance records to give you ‘life hacks’ that will take your performance to a different level altogether! We know what works and we’re not keen to hog the info; we are going to SHARE IT ALL WITH YOU!


We ran businesses and executive teams so we know all about stress and energy levels and how they affect the business. We know how time-crunched everyone is and how difficult it is to stick to commitments to stay healthy. Our focus is to make long term change through gradual steps. Our method is through education and practice. We provide all the support that you need to keep you motivated and engaged… and we make it FUN!


We have three basic ‘packages’ for ease of use however these are customised to your business size, budget and progress. The below are merely descriptive examples;


1.  Personal C-Level Package provides dedicated professional ongoing resource that guides and supports you through the journey to wellbeing, giving you the tools to then carry on in this new lifestyle thereon. It will not only improve your personal wellbeing but enhance that of your family, friends and colleagues. Your changes in habit, enjoyment of exercise and energy levels will make life and all its stressors become easily manageable. Your mind will clear and your decision-making will improve. Your sense of awareness and personal challenge will drive you into a virtuous cycle of wellbeing. We use regular assessments including blood panel KPIs, body composition KPIs and behavioural analytics to allow you to keep track and improve. For those with a specific goal, we can use our wealth of experiences in running, swimming, cycling and adventure racing to guide individuals on a mission! The C-Level Package includes;

Full Fitness, Behavioural & Nutritional Assessment

Dedicated Personal Training

Nutritional Planning with regular consults

Mindfulness & Motivational Coaching

Educational & Inspirational Communications


2. Personal Balance Package provides dedicated professional support on a less frequent more cost-effective basis that allows the individual to work and develop in between sessions. We empower individuals to take control of their lives and provide them with ongoing support and reassurance, as well as redirect them when they lose their path. The consultation sessions differ to Package 1. in that they are less directive and more empowering, but very practical! All sessions are carried out on a one-to-one consult like Package 1 with goals and milestones calibrated with measurable indicators. The above are all included in this package.


3. Executive Packages provide an educational and awareness raising programme for all employees within the company. These are supported through regular workshops on nutrition, exercise and fitness, motivation, meditation, ergonomics, stress management and other factors that influence our wellbeing. Regular communication is kept with all those signed up, with group exercise activities, healthy tips on food preparation, regular get-togethers for motivation and camaraderie, and a sense of commitment through peer support. Workshops in small groups are carried out regularly to ensure everyone keeps track of their goals and are supported by our experts. We will also organise healthy activities for the teams to take part in which also serve as team building experiences. We will provide support through regular and open communication channels and push information through regular online communication tools.


Our philosophy is relatively simple, however. We will TEACH you and your team to become Ultimate Performers using COMMON SENSE approaches to nutrition and exercise. No fads, no lies, no BS. We know what works, and we’re going to share it all with you!