We all anticipate that period when we take a break from our daily routine, by taking time off work and going abroad, traveling domestically or simply spending vacation time at home or with loved ones. This highly anticipated time however great, can also be overwhelming, tiring and even stressful for some of us, especially if it is spent with a number of people outside our immediate family. 

Stepping out of our routine is a vital part of the holiday: We change our nutrition, relaxation and exercise regime.

Sampling foods that compliment the mood and environment add to our enjoyment, especially if it’s food we don’t normally consume. If we usually cook, and are dining out or being treated by our host, we enjoy the break of not having to plan and prepare meals ourselves.  

Skipping the usual trip to the gym, weekly classes, runs, walks or bike rides can actually be good for our bodies, giving the muscles we are used to working out a rest for a short period of time. For active/sporty people, it’s important for our mind to accept that its ok for our bodies to take a break and feel good about doing so! 

Changing what we usually do to relax and wind down on regular days, such as watching a favourite tv series, playing a video game, reading, listening to music, scrolling social media feeds, enjoying a nightcap or warm drink can have a positive side to it as we can discover different ways to relax in holiday mode.

This temporary lifestyle change with all its positivity, can also take a toll on us!  When we let go of all those rituals that we carefully crafted for ourselves over the years, our wellbeing can take a dip and make us feel sluggish, irritable or experience discomfort on some level, reducing our enjoyment levels during the holiday. 

#3 tips to maximise the holiday experience:

1. Create Space

Holidays can be busy. We want to make the most of our time and often try our best to fit in a number of activities, meet-ups, and “to-dos”, packing our daily schedules.

  • Schedule free time. Having at least half a day when we can do (or not do) whatever our mind and body calls for at the time! 
  • Breaking up the day with a rest hour or a couple of 30-45 minute breaks can charge us back up and allow us to enjoy the rest of the day with new energy! 
  • Waking up even just 20 minutes earlier than you need to, will give you a time window to spend time with yourself before the you kick off into the busy day
  • Me-time can simply be relaxing into a comfortable position it for a few minutes, listening to music or a guided meditation to deepen the experience.

2. Movement

When our bodies don’t move for a few days we tend to feel stiff and heavy. Including some movement will keep us supple ! 

  • A 20-minute brisk walk or run close to the accommodation area or even in the  internal staircase, is enough to get our heart pumping! 
  • An online fitness or yoga class can be done without even leaving the room ! 
  • Similarly, picking some favourite exercises to fill our allocated time slot works. 
  • A swim in the sea or hotel pool if available can be a nice treat!
  • If the holiday is active and includes unusual activities like skiing or long hikes, some simple stretches can help you avoid soreness and be more agile.

3. Nutrition

Part of the holiday experience is savoured through food. Whether we are sampling local specialities, the host’s abundant cuisine or enjoying foods we associate with play time! This is all going swimmingly well until our gut starts complaining in the form of indigestion, bloating or lethargy after meals. 

  • Include some healthier foods in the course of the day, when there is a choice 
  • Take some of our own non-perishable snacks to reach for when we get hungry
  • Recognise when we are full and don’t hesitate to stop regardless how good it is!
  • Don’t be shy to voice food intolerances or preferences to the host or restaurant. 
  • By only eating the treats we love and skipping those we like less, we make room to enjoy what we really want without filling up on the least favourite goodies. 
  • Indulge mindfully: Appreciate the holiday cuisine without regrets or discomfort. 

Wellness maintenance

Holiday self-care is creating space during our holiday for gentle movement and mindfulness, and nourishing our body and mind with some vital nutrients it is missing from our regular routine.

If we follow these 3 steps we can make the most of our holiday and use it as a learning curve, by investing in our wellbeing even outside our normal environment. 

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