I run my life on apps… Here are a few (of the many I use) that I always recommend during my workshops and training sessions. These are ones I use personally and they are therefore tried and tested. Many have alternatives so don’t take my word for it and go ahead and experiment!



My favourite mindfulness app. The first free sessions are great to hep you get to grips with how mindfulness works. I particularly like the body-scan. https://www.headspace.com


Garmin Connect & Strava

Two apps I use to track my training. The first hooks up to my Garmin Fenix and the other I use with my Apple Watch. The Garmin is also useful to plan training and track your running dynamics. See more here



Don’t let your brain cells die off to quickly! Peak is a great brain training tool to keep your mind sharp, in small doses. http://www.peak.net


Sleep Time

We assume that the time with our eyes close and head on the pillow is our time asleep. WRONG! The quality of your sleep is more important than the hours you are in bed. Track your sleep and follow the Sleep Time blogs on advice on how to increase your sleep quality. Mine is over 90%, so that should be your aim. http://www.azumio.com/s/sleeptime/index.html



This project management tool is great to get your life organised, and you can also use it with small teams. It integrates with other apps to help make it the go-to tool for keeping my life on track. https://app.asana.com



I use this to communicate with my team at work, sort conversations by topic and keep everyone aware of what’s going on in the various organisations and businesses I’m involved in. It’s much tidier than Facebook messenger to group the various teams, and it’s also a closed tool so it’s great for small businesses. www.slack.com


If you have any apps you want to recommend, please feel free to add them in the comments below!