Matthew Tommasi founder of the Australian Born to Kick Arse Podcastscours the earth to find and interview (in his own words) “the most fascinating people on the planet”.
He digs deep to get an inside look at their approach, mindset, motivating factors, resilience and secrets to success! His interviews aim to educate, empower and unleash human potential, and ultimately inspire the listeners to take steps towards reaching your own goals – no matter how big or small.
Amongst his many inspiring guests, he has interviewed 
This month Matthew talks to Nathan Farrugia: CEO, entrepreneur, business performance coach, TEDx and motivational speaker, philanthropist and ultra-endurance athlete.
Matthew asks Nathan what inspired him to run 27 marathons in 27 days in 27 countries and what keeps him motivated to go for more extreme endurance challenges. How it felt to speak at a prestigious Tedx event, when many of us cringe in fear of public speaking. He goes on to discuss what it takes to develop the traits of a great leader and how to find the time to fulfil all his roles and also make a difference!  Finally he shares what mentors and models inspire him and fuel his success. 
Listen to the interview HERE