Leading manufacturing company producing electrical supplies, Delta Malta, entrusted us to train their entire workforce over a 10-month period, with the challenges that 2020 brought along. 

The long-term training programme enabled us to access each employee at every level in the organisation and bring them on the same page when it came to organisational purpose. We helped them create a culture where every individual has a clear purpose and came together to row in the same direction improving teamwork and overall efficiency, as a result. 

We spoke to General Manager, Aaron Azzopardi who shared the value of the training from their end: 

What was the initial scope of the training?

The manufacturing industry is known for being numbers driven, which also puts a lot of pressure on the employees.

The initial scope of the first phase of the training was to communicate the organization’s vision and mission so that the employees can connect to a common purpose. 

As part of this training we wanted also to improve the communication between the different departments in order to improve the overall operational efficiency, whilst promoting a stress-free work environment. 

How was the delivery of the training received by your team?

The delivery of the training was very well received by the teams since the trainer gave the opportunity to everyone to speak up in such a way that everyone felt at ease to trust the trainer and share their experiences. 

The training was delivered at the premises which during the pandemic was not as easy feat, but the trainer was always flexible and accommodating. It took us 10 months spread over 15 groups to train everyone. 

The feedback from the first groups was crucial. Their positive feedback succeeded in positively influencing the rest of the groups who were looking forward to starting the sessions themselves. 

How did Up help you reach your objectives?

The training evolved around our “why”, our personal reason we wake up for work every morning. 

It might be a cliché, however through this training we noticed that the improvement in communication and each individual identifying their reason for coming to work, had a direct impact on employee engagement, motivation and operational efficiency.

In fact, this year we achieved a 6% improvement in overall efficiency.

Furthermore, the training went over and above the work environment and business objectives. The concepts and tools presented are being applied to improve our daily personal lives and our team members have shared how the training has enhanced their personal development on many levels. 

What major reflections / observations came out of the training?

The training helped us understand better the reason why we go to work every morning. It also helped us consider concepts that we usually take for granted, which have a big impact on our daily lives and relationships with others.

The trainer’s personality, the method of delivery and the concepts presented, drove employee engagement up, which resulted in a higher level of commitment to the organisation’s vision. 

The sessions were very interactive and ensued very good discussions and participation.

The training helped us understand the importance of effective communication and how and why we underestimate it’s importance.  At the end of the day, these are intrinsic factors that enable a more efficient and less stressful work environment resulting in less wasteful operations.

Employee Feedback

Here are some observations shared by the team leaders and employees: 

“The way the course is presented keeps everyone involved and interested in expressing himself” 

“The course makes you realise some issues that become habits overtime.” 

“Training sessions that help build better relationships with colleagues and makes you think before you speak!”

“This training enabled me not only to be better at work but to be a better person overall” 

“The course showed me how to build trust and gain each other’s respect to be able to successfully overcome challenges together.” 

“An eye-opener to expand the way we think and improve our attitude to life and how we present ourselves at work.  

“Helps you think how you can turn your weaknesses into strengths to improve your own life and the impact you leave others”

“ It was an interesting subject which was very much needed however I felt that there were many topics tackled at the same time. I feel we still have a lot to learn when it comes to communication as we face this issue on a daily basis.”

“Everyone’s contribution is important and we can all make an impact!”  

“Absolutely great! Advanced my communication skills a lot and helped me understand the company’s values.” 

“I found the training very interesting and really enjoyed it. I felt that it makes you think on how to approach certain situations and make decisions, not just at the workplace but also in life in general. Looking forward to similar training in the future.”

“Very useful sessions, very clear to understand and I can say I felt very comfortable to discuss during these sessions, thanks to the ability of Julian.”

“I really enjoyed all the hours spent in the course…it was really interesting. I learnt how to approach others during work time. Julian was very friendly and meant what he taught us. He even listened and gave us good suggestions on our issues during work.” 

“It was interesting and useful both at work and in our everyday life.” 

“We had the opportunity to express ourselves and share our ideas as well as have group discussions. The trainer was successful at teaching us how to recognise our own values.”