Talent sourcing, employer branding, retention of high performers and employee engagement are high on every HR leader’s wish list.

On the other hand, leadership team wish lists typically revolve around competitive advantage, growth, profitability, and reputation.

Are CEOs, business leaders, and CHROs really singing from the same song sheet? 

According to McKinsey the top 6 CEO priorities for 2023 are:

  1. Resilience for speed, adaptation, and recovery
  2. Courage to gain competitive advantage, to skill-up, reallocate resources
  3. Build new business streams around customers with a clear USP that has growth potential
  4. Taking on technology to differentiate themselves and deliver growth and margin outcomes
  5. The net-zero opportunity to reduce the carbon footprint and operate a profitable business
  6. Talent in transformation – prioritising skills, embracing different work structures and new blood

How are perceived needs of HR professionals and those of CEOs linked?

For large businesses ESG is a legal requirement, for smaller ones it is a way to start working with ESG compliant companies, so there are clear business benefits for SMEs to take on board ESG components in their strategy, operations, and people culture.

How can a focus on ESG fulfil my CEO’s priorities?

Ensuring people are aligned with the business objectives is where a CEO and a CHRO need to come together.

Why? One may ask.

Because a business without people is nothing but an empty building, and if there is no business, there is no work to go to. There has to be an understanding that each need one another to prosper.

Start from S

The S in ESG does not only refer to the Social component in the ESG framework, but it is also the place to Start.

This includes ensuring employee wellbeing, staff skill developmentengagement by creating a positive corporate culturenurturing talent through professional growth as well as fostering inclusion and diversity in the workplace.

Not sure where to begin? GREAT, we can help!

  1. Building resilience through developing a performance mindset in your people. Our performance programmes enable participants to embrace change as opportunity to build better environments for their staff, and contribute more effectively to the business. Our corporate wellness programmes ensures that the fundamental foundations are solid and enables them to keep their performance cup full so they can continue giving without burning out.
  2. Today’s skills will be obsolete in 2 years time, so continuous upskilling of talent within a business is essential to keep ahead of the competition. Our development programmes are based on the latest in business thought leadership that are translated into practical tools for your people to continuously be ahead of their cohorts.
  3. Being able to anticipate client needs is a strength that can be developed through our customer-focus programmes that empower participants to think “without the box” when it comes to providing new solutions to old problems and responding effectively to current client trends.
  4. Embracing new technologies to become more efficient in carrying out menial tasks will allow your people to focus on adding real value to clients and the business. We coach teams and individuals to take difficult decisions that in the end add more value and purpose to their day-to-day, while allowing them to aspire to achieve greater success within the business.
  5. By adopting more efficient business operation models, whether through flexi-time or remote working, your people will be able to contribute to the business’ effectiveness at delivering results, have a positive impact on the environment, and get closer to their communities. Our HR support services can assist in creating the right operative environment for your people to feel happy, at peace, and willing to support each other when needed.
  6. Transformational Leadership (TL) is about having a good feel of the organisation’s pulse. Our TL programme will enable your organisation’s leaders to prioritise employee wellbeing by aligning this with the business objectives.

If being ahead of the game, or even just not being left behind, is a priority for you, your business and your people, then book a chat, or fill in the form below to get in touch with one of our leadership coaches, wellness experts, HR consultants, or academy professionals.