Former CEO, United Nations Official and author, Francesco Cappe has had over 20 years experience in management, fundraising and business development in private and public entities. He specialised in policy related projects and in the field of international education and training. He developed a world first program for the security of major international events, most notably the 2008 Beijing Olympics. He is also the founder and current chairman of ‘garagErasmus foundation’, a professional network solution aiming to increase awareness of talent throughout Europe. In 2017, he was appointed CEO of United Campus of Malta with the mission to “lead a change of management and implementation of strategies” & now brings this experience into the coaching world.

Francesco’s focus is:


– How to be a team builder and motivator, especially during change and difficult times.

– How to transform local based teams in international players;

– How to maximise results and manage expectations from privates’ perspectives while dealing with institutional players internationally

– How to create a working environment that leads to being “disruptive”, while able to generate innovation, allowing individuals to be bold while strengthening the team


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