We all spend 27% of our working lives at work. So why shouldn‘t it be fun? Or if not fun at least entertaining.

The vast majority of us like a good laugh, laughter releases tension and creates a bond with the people we are sharing a funny moment with.

In the words of the superb comedian Victor Borge “Laughter is the shortest distance between two people”

The world of business however is very serious, commerce is important and in order to appear professional we must be serious around commercial matters. We are trained to become afraid of making mistakes and looking foolish. In doing so we can forget our shared humanity and create a distance from our clients, our colleagues and our inner spark of joy.

This is where a little improvisation can help us to feel more confident and creative and to enrich our relationships. If you are familiar with the TV show “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” then you have seen how enthralling improvisation can be as a performance. The skills that are required to take any suggestion and immediately respond with apparent ease and courage can be used off stage to great effect.

John will be delivering an IMPROV masterclass at the Hilton Malta on the 27 July: The Art of Improvisation for Business Leaders http://upimprov.eventbrite.com

In this masterclass we will be practising some simple yet highly effective techniques designed to unlock your hidden creativity and the innovative genius within.

This is a positive learning environment where mistakes are actively celebrated and there is no requirement to be quick, clever or funny. Simply being ones self and responding to a series of light hearted scenarios creates an irresistable invitation to spontaneous creativity.

The techniques of improvisation are highly applicable in problem solving, team building, innovation, giving presentations and audience engagement

John Cremer has 25 years of improvisation experience, he is the founder of The Maydays www.themaydays.com and regularly performs in the UK and USA. He has brought improvisation to a range of clients including Vodafone, T-Mobile, GSK, Bayer, AbbVie, Samsung and VMware.

When John is off stage he is usually fly fishing

You can read more about John and his work on johncremer.co.uk