Inspiring change through strong culture!

By September 25, 2018No Comments

Last week our CEO, Nathan Farrugia was invited to give an inspiring keynote to a large corporate firm in the beautiful location of The Intercontinental Hotel. 

The event was a celebration of this company’s achievements over the years while setting the stage for the launch of their new logo and vision statement. With 70 plus people attending, each partner at the firm gave passionate speeches about their goals for the company and its strength of union. 

Prior to lunch, Nathan Farrugia was invited onto the stage to deliver a powerful, yet practical keynote that spoke of the importance of unity in vision, branding, resilience, self awareness and moving forward for the sustainable future. 

Inspiring change through strong branding

Nathan’s resilience comes from his own experiences of running ultra-marathons for charity and learning what his body, and more importantly his mind is truly capable of. He inspired the team by showing clips of his races while demonstrating the importance of having fun while you work. Nathan firmly believes that “with the right mindset, we can do seemingly the impossible”. 

During the keynote, Nathan asked the staff of the company what it means to represent such a brand and why it is important to feel proud of the company and its values. Research has shown that when your personal values match those of the organisation’s, life becomes more fulfilling and productivity rises. 

This concept leads into the idea of self-branding and becoming a ‘walking billboard’ for the organisation. Have you ever noticed the posture of employees who simply love their job? They are never slouching or ‘slow-paced’, rather, they walk tall into work, shoulders back, smiling from ear to ear and simply confident. While observing the staff at this company event, it was clear that all were loving what they did and proud to be a member of the organisation. 

After the keynote, Nathan ran a workshop about the power of self-awareness and understanding how people think and do what they do. This ‘colour profiling’ workshop originated from renowned psychologist, Carl Jung. Each colour, represents a personality trait which is a representation of how someone behaves. 

Staff members were asked to map out their individual profiles and later divided into their respective colours; Red (the leaders), Blue (the perfectionists), Green (care-givers) and Yellow (life of the party). 

Nathan Illustrating the personality profiling map

Each group was then asked to list character traits that they liked and disliked, followed by the activities that most appealed to them and were later read out to the whole group.

The second exercise was to plan an event which appealed to all colours, therefore encouraging diversity and inclusivity. The exercise created great vibes within the room, followed by some banter that had the room in stitches with laughter. 

Nathan drilled the message that when you understand how people from different cultures, backgrounds or personality traits think, you’re able to develop great rapport faster and develop long lasting relationships with clients. 

Before concluding the workshop, Nathan reiterated the importance of inclusion and encouraged all staff members to become leaders of their respective departments. Walk tall, being resilient in times of change and continuing to develop a culture that is strong and youthful. He also spoke briefly about “lighting the FIRE”. FLOW, IMPACT, ROLES and EXCELLENCE are all traits that we should strive for in order to live a fulfilled, balanced life, whether in business or at home.

Nathan left stage with many feeling empowered and focused about the positive future ahead.