What is your purpose?

Making a statement (legacy), I wanted to create something for myself and my family, I like doing charitable work and getting involved in as much philanthropic work as possible. 


How does your job fit into that purpose? 

I started small and have a lot of ideas for new business ventures. Creating Blend It was part of this process in growing. 


What inspired you to come up with Blend it? 

Everything inspires me. For example, one of the sandwiches I have on the menu was inspired by a trip to Germany. I went into a small cafeteria and they made these tiny bagels with cheese mixed with honey and rucola and it tasted amazing and thought to myself that if I ever opened up my own restaurant etc, this will have to go on the menu. 


Is ‘good enough’ ever ok in your book?

When I opened Blend it, I spent some time in Turkey to visit my parents and after the 3rd day I was getting bored. I had to do something productive so I would go and meet with other businesses and speak with them on how I can assist in helping them grow. I love to work, it doesn’t really matter what the job involves, I need to keep moving. It’s not about the money, it’s about the work and what comes with it. 


What are the 3 things you think are important for all inspiring leaders to focus on? 

  1. Always believe in yourself. When I first started Blend It I asked many people for their opinions and some people loved it, others thought it wasn’t great, but the important thing to remember is to always believe in your own concept and your idea. Of course, getting other opinions helps but overall, it’s your own that counts. 
  2. Look at the market
  3. Don’t try to reinvent the wheel as the wheel is already there. Mix it up and give your own taste on it. Trying to come up with a new idea is quite rare, so see whats out there already, and make it your own.


Do you compromise (work-life balance) or maximise? 

Maximise. My standards have always been very high which I get from my dad. I used to play professional football and whenever I would score many goals, he would always push me to score more. Originally I was frustrated but as I grew up I understood what he meant. It taught me to push myself. While I am happy with what I’ve currently achieved, I am still not fully satisfied. I am always hungry. 


When away from Blend it, what activities help you perform better as an individual? 

I believe sport is really important. I love to play 5 a side with friends and when I’m on the pitch I forget everything. Thats what keeps me balanced and allows time for myself. I really get into FLOW when I am on that pitch. 


Any parting words of wisdom?

Believe in yourself, doesn’t matter what it is, believe in your concept and don’t underestimate your powers. Don’t set the limits too small for yourself. Go for it!