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Simon Clarkson, an acclaimed international speaker with a business background, teaches us that if we learn the ‘user-manual’ of our innovative brain, we can make better use of it in business and life.
As part of our UP Executive Academy series of speaking events, get access to top thought-leaders on a range of subjects that will enable you to raise your game.

More about the Workshop:

Simon Clarkson is a high performance business thinker and an internationally renowned speaker, who will fly in from the UK to share his insight on The Neuroscience of Innovation

Who is it for? The seminar is designed for C-level executives, managers, entrepreneurs, business leaders as well as students and individuals with a flair for business and innovation.

What will you achieve? It will help participants develop an “Innovation Mindset” and understand how THEY can drive innovation in their own business.

Participants will gain an understanding of how innovative thinking can be integrated in their corporate culture and how to adapt their expanded creative thinking skills to everyday situations.

It will demonstrate how thinking innovatively does not require creating new inventions, being highly artistic, overly creative or a tech expert.

A shift away from traditional thinking can have a tremendous impact to boost your business, as well as your life, from the inside out!