In our final instalment on maximising the potential of the new generation of leaders TODAY, we will highlight Henry Rose Lee’s Top Hacks for recruiting and maximising millennial potential in your business.

Henry is an inter-generational theory expert who over the years has built an exceptional knack of deconstructing textbook dreariness into bite-sized bundles of refreshing and thought-provoking material. It is why, for our finale we have reserved her insights to providing practical advice that can be easily implemented in any workplace.

The beauty of it all lies in its simplicity.

Henry explores two main themes that are common to both the recruitment and engagement of millennials, and these are Technology and Feedback. The first as an enabler and the second as a pulse-ometer.

In terms of recruitment, Henry explores the use of Technology and feedback in order to create the right sense of appeal, belonging and growth and give rise to a realm of opportunity to maximise their potential.

The three areas where employers need to start working on in order to get millennials to start working with them are:

  1. Community
  2. Innovation
  3. Advancement

Today’s employers need to go well beyond the traditional boundaries of ‘job adverts’ and go deeper into creating a sense of community around the firm’s brand and the identity it has in the wider, digital space. Millennials are the most connected generation and are fast building both physical and digital communities within which they explore opportunities, share their opinions and shape their future decisions. Build, identify and create communities of influence and showcase your identity there.

Secondly, a millennials mind is hard-wired to the technology that surrounds them and novelty and innovation become tantamount to their daily dose of motivation and inspiration. This is also true to the daily tasks and projects assigned to employees. The lack of novelty and resistance to introduce innovate processes will quickly demotivate and induce a sense of ‘boredom’ … an indirect invitation to move on!

Finally, personal growth and development is very high on the millennial agenda. It is not just linked to career progression but also the opportunity to learn, develop new skill sets and be exposed to areas of work that interest them. This could very easily be attending conferences, representing the firm at social events or writing blogs and news articles on the corporate website. Advancement and, the opportunity to get their skill sets acknowledged is a strong magnet for employees with drive and ambition.

So now that you have attracted and signed on a new millennial stalwart, how do you keep them on!

Today’s workplace has evolved into a mix of ‘on-premise’ practices and ‘cloud’ services. This makes it, at times, more difficult for employers and leaders to ‘monitor’ and assess how employees feel. What can you do to ensure a constant feedback loop is present, that there is engagement with your corporate culture, and that the sense of belonging you aspire to build is reaping the business objectives you and your employees aspire to?

Well, Henry shares three further thoughts on how to ensure your employees are fully engaged with your mission.

These include building projects that denote progression, giving them a voice in the day-to-day running of activities, and a sense of value – to themselves and the company. Check out our final video excerpt with Henry Rose Lee, inter-generational expert below.

If you have any thoughts on how to hack the recruitment and engagement of millennials in your workforce or would like to explore more ways to empower millennials to grow your business, book your FREE time with us here.