Wouldn’t we all like to be the next Steve Jobs, or create a world-changing product or invention? However we often label ourselves as non-creative people or limit our potential because we don’t know where to start going about innovation. According to Simon Clarkson, creativity is within us all, and through a number of learnt tools, we can open the lid and think outside the proverbial ‘box’. The UP Academy for Executive Performance, in collaboration with the Academy for Chief Executives (Malta), hosted its first international speaking event on Thursday 26 May at the Radisson Blu St Julians.


The workshop, entitled The Neuroscience of Innovation was delivered by Simon Clarkson who transmitted his knowledge, energy and enthusiasm to a conversant and engaging audience.
“Great insight that is practical for our business!”, “I’ll definitely sign up for the next one!” and “Wow, my mind is going at 100 miles an hour after that workshop” were some of the comments after Simon completed his interactive 3 hour workshop.


Simon began by identifying how the brain functions, our thought patterns and the innate resistance to doing things differently or thinking in alternative ways. The complexity of neuroscience was explained in non-scientific terms and with a sense of humour! The participants discussed the meaning of creative thinking and innovation and how it featured in, or could be adapted to, their business and personal lives .The various myths blocking our creativity and potential to innovate were slain with practical examples of innovative ideas constantly emerging around us, proving that innovation is not brought about by new inventions but simply by thinking in a different way.

Novel ways of thinking were demonstrated through practical examples such as tying your shoelaces differently for them not to get undone, bringing emotion into our personal goals and using that emotion as a motivator, and applying novel methods for tackling old problems, such as reversing the train of thought to focus on the cause rather than visualising the solution.

It was was great to have Simon over to open the international speaker series of the UP Academy for Executive Performance. Following the positive feedback received from the participants, The UP Academy is eager to continue providing access to top thought leaders to inspire ideas, unlock potential and maximise performance, in business and in life.

The next event is scheduled for July and the speaker and topic will soon be announced. Sign up for updates on www.upyourlevel.com and follow Ultimate Performance – Level Up on Facebook, Linked-In and Twitter to be the first to know!