We recently opened an outdoor play area for sick children on the wards at our Mater Dei national hospital, funded through the record breaking 27 marathons in 27 countries in 27 days challenge. It’s been a long time coming, with legislation, health & safety audits and red tape, but we finally opened the place up to the kids so they could benefit from some outdoor space in a safe and colourful environment.


Some of these kids are in the ward for months on end, suffering from severe medical conditions, with no place to get fresh air…until now. The project provides rubber flooring, safe play equipment and a quiet environment for parents to watch over their kids while they enjoy the space.


The nurses are also pleased with the space made available for the kids to get moving, be as noisy as they’d like and generally get some normality back. They are also keen to use the space for play therapy, to help the children bear with the discomfort, pain and loneliness that comes with their illness.


I was really proud to be able to fund this project through my fundraising challenge, but this was a collective effort. Thanks to Kinder Ferrero (P.Cutajar ltd) Playmobil Malta WE fund, The Good Causes Fund, JGC Play Equipment, and the Mater Dei staff, engineers and management. Thanks to the Daniel Delicata Memorial Association for coordinating the project, to Inspire staff and volunteers for supporting me during the challenge, to Cliff and Lawrence who stuck around for a whole month, crewing for me through thick and thin. To all the donors and sponsors who helped us raise €100,000 for charities around Europe, to my friends and family for their support. Do Deirdre, Robyn, Keira for their unwavering support and enthusiasm, and my parents for their undying love.

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