As we prepare to say farewell to 2018 and approach the beginning of a new year, many of you will be preparing your New Year Resolutions. These may include; Lose Weight, eat less, save better, get fit, quit smoking etc 

Ultimately, you have the goal to ‘be a better person’ than last year. While these are noble pursuits, how many do you ACTUALLY achieve? The problem is that while you begin the journey with good intentions, they are simply good intentions, they are not the RIGHT intentions or are not powerful enough. Furthermore, it is probably because you use the term ‘intentions’ too loosely. 

Research has found that an alarming 9.2% of all people who set resolutions, actually achieve their targets by the end of the year. 

So how can we make these resolutions into a reality? First and foremost, you must ask yourselves, ‘Is this what I really want?”. Although the question may be rhetorical, subconsciously it could be the opposite. If you find there is little to no emotion behind the resolutions, it most likely means that you don’t really prioritise that task in your life. Always remember that where EMOTION FLOWS, ACTION GOES’. To really nail each resolution, I recommend turning the ‘should’s’ into ‘musts’. Doing this will make you accountable to the resolutions, especially if you make someone known to your intentions. 


For each resolution, set a deadline. This adds positive pressure to the task, but also makes you accountable and forces you to respect the time limitations you have. Chances are you’ll beat the time 😉 


Whatever you do, do not make the resolutions easily achievable. Otherwise what is the point. Turning resolutions into a reality is meant to feel awesome and increase your level of confidence. So make it challenging enough to get into flow and reward yourself for your efforts. A great reward could be going to the cinemas or having a slice of your favourite cake. 


When setting your resolutions, establish how you will achieve them and break them into small daily tasks to ensure you reach your target by the end of the year. What usually works for me is to create a to do list and link it within my calendar so I am forced to do the tasks. For example: If getting fit is a resolution for me, I will block out 45mins of my morning or evening for exercise. Google Calendar’s reminders are the perfect way to ensure you’re on track. 


Most importantly, make sure the resolutions have an element of fun to them. Otherwise, you’ll get bored and lose interest quickly. The process towards of reward should be a pleasurable one so enjoy the moment and keep record of your progress as this will only increase your motivation and drive towards success.

I hope you had a great Christmas and I wish you all the very best for 2019! May it be a year of success, challenge and great rewards 😉