Imagine this…

It is 8:45am on a Sunday morning. It is cold and you can see the condensation when people breathe. It is rather silent except for the occasional clinking of silver spoons up against coffee mugs in the nearby cafeteria. 

Then, all of a sudden you start hearing the noises of more than 200 people waltzing their way past the security gate and into Pjazza Tigne. They are excited, with smiles stretched across their faces and singing Christmas carols of all sorts. Some are hand in hand, others jumping up and down and children zig-zagging their way through the adults as they try to beat each other to the registration desks that are accompanied by a large Christmas tree. 

People from all walks of life, backgrounds and culture lined up at the desk waiting eagerly to receive their goody bags while showing off the one piece of clothing they seemed to share in common…Christmas (ugly sweater) jumpers…Ladies and Gentleman, I am indeed talking about the 2018 Reindeer Run. 

Dancing to the beat – Steffi De Martino

A 5km fun run/walk sprawled across the beautiful location of Sliema in aid of Victim Support. After a successful Colour My Run a few months before, the team received dozens of requests to create another event that was family friendly and just as fun. They didn’t disappoint. 

Each participant received either Reindeer Antlers or a Santa Claus hat with the children receiving baby antlers. The Pjazza was filled with the sounds of Christmas Carols and the smell of mince pies, fresh muffins, coffee and mulled wine. 

Along the route, participants were faced with 2 distinct challenges by respective fitness companies. The first was to complete a small obstacle course that involves squats, burpees and fast movements. The other was to complete a Zumba-style exercise with Christmas carols blaring in the background. Upon completion, the participants each received a gingerbread man and a chocolate to enjoy along the coastline. 

It was a great site to see so many people embracing the run and the tourists/locals a-like stopping to take photos of the event. It really brought the local community to a standstill. 

After the race, medals were presented to each person who took part and the feedback was fantastic. One participant even said “the medals are really cute” as it displayed Rudolph the Reindeer. 

Steffi De Martino

One of the highlights of the event was seeing Santa Claus strutting his stuff along the coast line giving high five’s to those who passed by. Exclaiming ‘HO, HO, HO’ when a car horn hooted. As he ran across the finishing line, everyone clapped and cheered. It is fair to say that after the deliver of presents and the Reindeer Run, Santa will be taking a well earned break 😉 

The Reindeer Run Team would like to thank everyone who took part in this great event. From the many sponsors who jumped at the chance to celebrate the festive season with them, to all the participants who dressed up in their best xmas outfits and give to charity to support Victim Support’s efforts to build a rehabilitation clinic. 

The team would also like to congratulate Thomas Smith Charity Swim for an outstanding event following the Reindeer Run. 

Santa wins – Steffi De Martino

A special shout out also goes to the brilliant photographer Steffi De Martino who has proudly supported our campaigns and demonstrated her gift to Malta. For more information about Steffi’s work, please visit her facebook page, Steffi De Martino Media. 

As we are now in the new year, I sincerely wish you all the very best for 2019. May it be a year of focus, results, world-class achievement and may your FIRE burn brighter than ever. 

Respectfully yours