Steve is an organizational performance specialist and author of “Tame the Flow“. He is a senior, multilingual, executive management consultant, experienced at leading and directing multinational and distributed knowledge-work organisations. His focus is organisational productivity and processes. He recently joined Team UP as an excellent performer himself. Nathan and Steve are currently exploring how Flow in Mind (Nathan’s background) and Flow in Process (Steve’s multifaceted approach) can create a super-state of performance in individuals, teams and businesses.


Steve is an expert in organizational performance transformation programs. As adviser, consultant, coach, mentor, speaker and author, he specialises in organizational productivity, organizational design, process excellence and process innovation. He helps businesses create high-performance organizations and teams.


As an Agile & Lean Coach he helps clients to achieve outstanding organizational performance by applying the theories and practices of the TameFlow Approach.
For William-Hill Online, he piloted an Agile transformation programme based on the TameFlow Approach, resulting in a 70% reduction in flow times (i.e. time to market), and 240% increase in throughput (productivity), with an overall increase in flow efficiency. Increased internal organizational communication capacity, responsiveness and flexibility. Developed team dynamics and collective decision making capabilities. Enhanced program and portfolio management through visual management techniques


Steve set up the LinkedIn group for the Lean Systems Society of which he is part in order to bring together various members of the society. It is a a global, non-profit organization whose mission is to improve the world by improving its systems and system-building capabilities. The Lean System Society promotes thought leadership in the sciences and encourages collaboration and debate.


The Lean Systems Society believes that excellence in managing complexity requires accepting that complexity and uncertainty are natural to social systems and knowledge work. Effective systems must produce both better economic and sociological outcomes. Their development requires a holistic approach that incorporates the human condition. The Society is committed to exploring valuable ideas from all disciplines, and fostering a community that derives solutions from a common set of values and principles, while embracing specific context and avoiding dogma.


Steve lives in Malta but travels the world to keep up with the interest he receives from organisations of all sizes and nations. He occasionally cycles with Nathan while they discuss “flow” and its usefulness in both mind and business, occasionally stopping for coffee at their favourite Cafe!