Through a series of focused workshops for specific teams and lunchtime learning sessions for the general staff, we helped the team at RCI Insurance raise their game throughout 2020 completing the programme in person when we could and remotely when necessary. We asked HR Manager Maria Virginia Ghillani, to give us her reflections on the training :

What was the initial scope of the training? 

The reason why we decided to launch this training plan was that we had identified some areas of improvement that were common to the majority of the staff. The objective of the programme was to enhance performance of the staff through unlocking leadership potential, improving mental clarity, increasing emotional flexibility, creating a performance mindset and generating business performance through sharing and team-work.

How was the delivery of the training received by your team?

Our team on the whole looked forward to the training. Given that the sessions were held online starting from the period when we had to work from home due to the pandemic, having the possibility to spend some time together around ‘non-business’ related topics gave everyone the chance to switch off and have a moment of self-reflexion and personal enrichment.

How did Up help you reach your objectives?

We monitored the sessions and realised that most of the participants increased awareness of some topics such as resilience, communication, change management and the way we take decisions. We did not set specifics KPIs to measure the impact of the sessions but we believe that these were moments of exchange for the teams and ways of learning and understanding how and why we behave in certain ways.

What major reflections / observations came out of the training?

The training overall was interesting. It was more interactive when it was done at office physically than when it was done online when the team members did not participate that much. Although having said that when the staff went into the breakout rooms they interacted very well and a discussion ensued when they were all back together and they had to deliver what was discussed.

Here are some comments that participants left in an anonymous survey after the workshop/s: 

On the trainer: Julian Azzopardi:

“He is very good at delivery and conveyed the message clearly and in a captivating way” 
To deliver training remotely Julian did really well.” 
“Intelligent and competent”
“He talked on real life work scenarios and involved us a lot during the training which is great as we would understand more on how to apply what we learned” 
“The sessions are all very interesting and delivered in a professional and captivating manner. I wish Julian could try to get us to interact more, rather than it being a one sided delivery”
“Very well explained”

We asked if the programme helped them ‘think differently’ about raising their game:

“It has taught me to see things from different perspectives, and to try not to let emotions cloud judgment” 
“The examples shared made me relate to some scenarios so now I might stop and think more”
“It helped me understand the psychology and physiology of how the mind works to predict how we will think and control better what we can control” 
“I was surprised at how much I could learn from the training” 
“I managed to identify areas I need to work on” 
“The session inspired me to grow” 

What participants enjoyed mostly about the sessions: 

“Being open infront of everyone , speaking about our life in general with everyone in order to gain trust and confidence. “
“I really enjoyed that it was not based on a PowerPoint, but was interactive and visual aids helped a lot.” 
“The enthusiasm and competence”
“There was a lot of input from our end and it was not only a one way conversation” 
“Things are very factual not textbook delivery”
“We had the ability of answering polls during the training anonymously, and we could ask questions at any time”

Take-home from the “Change Management” Workshop:

The programme inspired me to learn more about how our brains work to anticipate better future situations.  I will embrace the change management process with the knowledge of the different steps ahead”  

Mohamed – Actuary

Take-home from the “Conversational Intelligence” Workshop:

I was expecting to be trained on conversational intelligence and obviously how to approach conversation in the working place. The scientific explanations related to the way the brain is working and reacting was over my expectations. This aspect makes the workshop even more interesting. The workshop inspired me to to make an assessment of the context before each important meeting, taking into consideration the perspective of each participant
Valerio Biondo – Legal Officer

Take-home from the “Resilience” Workshop

The session inspired me to think more positively and be more motivated and forward looking. Having a zest for life whatever it throws at me! Going forward I will adopt an “I can” attitude and treat each challenge as a learning experience. When I fall I will take a few moments to pity myself, then get up and move forward again, hopefully stronger than before.” 

Elizabeth Camilleri Fava, Office Administrator

Take-home from the “Emotional Intelligence” Workshop

“The session inspired me to develop a better self-awareness and self-management.”

Jessica Lessinger


Our Take

It was a great experience delivering these workshops, despite the challenges brought about by Covid, where most of them had to be delivered remotely.  We’re thankful to the team for being so flexible and accommodating and even though participation online was lower than in person, it’s all part of the learning curve and we were very pleased that on average 86.7% said would recommend the Up workshop series to others.


If you would like to run a similar programme for your team get in touch!