The training fund for businesses, the Investing In Skills Scheme  has recently been updated, allowing applicants to claim even more training costs back and easing the application process and shortening the lead time.

The main highlights of the revisions in the scheme are: 

  • increased training cost reimbursement to €25.70 per trainee per hour 
  • wage cost reimbursement increased to €5.15 per hour and is now extended to online learning 
  • lead time reduced from 21 to just 7 days before the start of the course
  • applications accepted via email 

How does it work?  

If you are part of a small business and choose a 6-hour leadership course for your management team of 15 people, you are looking at an eligible refund of nearly €2000, regardless of the actual cost of the programme. 

NB: This is just a guide for information purposes. The total eligible costs will be determined upon completion of the IIS application form when all the relevant details are inputted. The final decision on funding is solely at the discretion of Jobsplus and it is dependent on the applicant meeting all the other criteria.


Eligible Courses by UP

If you’d like to give your team an accelerated learning boost and make use of the available funds, we’re offering a series of short courses, all eligible under the scheme. Ranging from leadership courses to fun team sessions to self-care and personal development, there is something for everyone !

Click HERE to download the UP courses in PDF

Prices depend on the number of people and desired intensity of the programme, so we kindly ask you to contact us for a quote. 

If you wish to apply for funding for an UP course get in touch and we can assist!