UP Academy

The UP Academy is for anyone seeking to improve their career path

We take you through a journey of self-development – helping you to keep focus on your role while providing top-notch guidance from accomplished leaders. Whether you’re an executive, manager, entrepreneur, or an aspiring leader, our supported programme is ideal for you to stay on track, be accountable, and grow into a better version of yourself.

The UP Executive Academy offers the following services. For prices and special offers, please get in touch.

Motivational talks and workshops by top-rated speakers on business subjects,
Personal Development Plan and Goal-setting Coaching with quarterly face-to-face updates, with goal tracking in-app support to ensure you stick to your commitments,
Fortnightly news links and self-guided learning material specially selected by the UP team to support your growth,
Ongoing phone or online support,
Guaranteed results and personal development that benefits both you and your business

Public Speaking

Research shows that executives fear public speaking more than death! Whilst this is an exaggeration on their part, it portrays the feeling many people have about standing up in front of a crowd and presenting their subject.

Everyone can learn public speaking because language is wired into our brains and expression comes naturally to us humans as communicators. There are a number of tips and tricks that will help you focus, transfer the fear into positive energy and create the ability to zone in and flow through your presentation or speech like a pro in just a few sessions.


Whether it is through the contributions of our Masterclass speakers, resident and guest Coaches or insights from our partnership with Vistage Global, we can provide you with a continuous stream of the latest intelligence, introspection and trends from the world of leadership, business and personal development.

Contributors to UP Insights are leaders in their fields from the four corners of the world which you can have on tap to help you further unlock your growth path, on and off the job.

Online Course

We are hard at work to bring you the FIRE method through online training courses so that you can perpetuate your infinite potential at anytime and from anywhere. Stay tuned for updates on these courses!

Training at UP has you covered in a wide range of topics:

Remote Leadership
Managing Remote Teams
Health for Performance
Innovation & Change

Purposeful Leadership
Corporate Culture
Performance Management,
OKRs and more

Satisfied clients

I felt that my business had grown rapidly but was starting to create problems with my work-life balance. I felt that I needed to work harder and harder to keep up, despite spending more and more money on managers to grow the business. It seemed like I was constantly having to make decisions for them and it got to a point that I was actually considering refusing new growth because I didn’t think we could handle it. Whilst I was concerned that I didn’t have enough time in the day to get help and advice, I realised I needed a more objective viewpoint to help me get out of this situation. It was affecting my whole life.

I called in a business coach who worked on three key areas: Purpose, Personal Wellbeing and Leadership. These three diverse but complimentary areas of growth helped me focus on the things that were really important, find time to take care of myself and help me clear the fog that clouded my mind, and develop my leadership skills to empower my management team to share the load. Surprisingly it wasn’t a long drawn-out process as the guys at Ultimate Performance focused on me directly, with a secondary interest in the business. They knew that I was the best person to solve business problems but I needed to sort myself out first. I now feel that I can take on new opportunities without worrying that I’ll lose out on enjoying life.

Super inspired by Julian Azzopardi‘s talk yesterday about leading with purpose. He gave some very interesting insights on the roots of human behavior and actions and how they link with the golden circle, explaining how to use those principles to lead a team to success.


Thanks for a much needed and certainly a very insightful 1.5 days. I really enjoyed trying to live those moments in the Now, blanking my ever curious mind from the onslaught of thoughts that are so pervasive in every waking minute of our lives. I felt that the time we spent together gave me a curiosity to learn more about this state of flow and how to harness it in my everyday life and work. Keep up the great work and there will definitely be a part 2 to this.

ANDREW MANGIONEC English Malta Executive Chairman

If you go to Malta, look up Julian Azzopardi at UP Insights. As the CEO, he is a wonderful blend of strategic thinking and creativity, combined with an attention to detail, a focus on providing the highest level of professional development and a drive to support the growth and success of organisations and their key leaders. He’s making waves, of the best kind!

HENRY ROSE LEEInter-Generational Expert & Keynote Speaker

Julian is an expert with integrity. Working along side Julian to improve the performance of the company I work for was a massive learning experience and inspirational. Julian’s ability to listen to our ideas and come up with pragmatic solutions is impressive. No matter what question I ask, he will always answer. Julian has developed his skills through years of study, experiences, voluntary work and overcoming obstacles. I strongly recommend Julian Azzopardi if you wish to achieve more out of life.

DAVID SANTSS Lifts Technical Manager

We had a very interesting session with Julian Azzopardi on how to be our better versions, how to adapt and embrace change, introducing us to the FIRE approach! Thanks for putting so much enthusiasm and passion into it!


Investing in people is a priority for us at ICON. More than ever, we’re seeing true, tangible value by broadening team members’ horizons at every level. Interns gaining new skills via shadowing experiences, ITIL training for all developers and customer-facing team members, and company-wide motivational speeches like the inspirational Nathan Farrugia and his FIRE method, the boost in morale and motivation makes us all stronger. It’s all well and good to push your team to reach their targets, but you can’t expect a team to deliver true value if you’re not investing in them.

IAN CASTILLOIcon Malta Managing Director

I wanted to thank you for the help and guidance you gave my team and I during 2018. We truly managed to reach what we thought was unreachable from a change management perspective. We also had a record turnover, with a 20% increase over the prior year and the OKRs worked wonders in helping us achieve that!


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