Multi-award winning speaker Pete Wilkinson will be flying to Malta on the 21st November to motivate and inspire you and your teams to be more focused, consistent and EXCEPTIONAL ! He will be sharing his proven system for increasing your effectiveness and building a plan for you to be your best!


Who is Pete ?
– His professional career began 19 years ago with senior management roles in retail
– Managed a large team of 300 people along with having P&L responsibility for a £30m business
– Ran his own retail business with a much smaller team
– Has an MBA from Newcastle Business School
– A Certifed Practitioner of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)
– An Ironman Triathlete
– Is massively passionate about professional people achieving their potential
– Spends his time supporting Chief Executives and Managing Directors in a range of businesses from small Micro Businesses up to £130m Engineering Businesses
– Is experiencing brilliant business success by using the strategies he presents and coaches on himself!
– Successfully balances family life, his business and still competes in Ironman and long distance cycle events

Do you:
– Have far too many “busy days” and not enough “effective days.”?
– Find it challenging to remaining focused on key business objectives?
– Often finish the week without feeling fulfilled?
When professional people feel frustrated because they know that they are not working at their potential it can be damaging to their business and their senior management team. A major challenge for people is to make the most of themselves.
Right now Chief Executives and their senior teams are facing more and more distractions. Because of this it is even more vital to identify the most rewarding and pro table things to focus on. Plus developing a simple system to enable senior professionals to remain consistent is critical.

Be focused Be Consistent Be Exceptional!
A great way to achieve this challenge is to develop a personal one page action plan that identifies the actions that need to be taken on a consistent basis to achieve the desired result. High interaction activities will be completed in the Masterclass workbook. These activities will create an irresistible pull towards a crystal clear vision where “WHY power”, which is far more powerful than “will power” will be built.

The End Result
By the end of the Masterclass participants will have:
• Clarified their current starting point looking at their starting score
• Identified clear habits and behaviours that would be evident by being more effective
• Discovered their most pressing challenge with themselves
• Developed a crystal clear personal vision that drives every action
• Established 3 core objectives to enable focused, consistent action is taken
• Set stepping stone goals for each core objective so that distractions are minimised, progress is made and potential is realised
• Created their own personal “World Class One Page Action Plan”

Ultimately the goal is to create an unstoppable business, where each individual is maximising her or his efficiency and everyone is striving towards the same vision.

This masterclass forms part of the Global Entrepreneurship Week Malta. You can find all the events listed here:


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