by Ian Gourley, Up Your Level, Academy Manager

“The best investment in our future is the investment in our people. Skills and education drive Europe’s competitiveness and innovation. “

EU President Von der Leyen

We live in a time of transitions. These transitions show the need for an unparalleled shift in skill sets to reap their full potential. At the same time for companies to attract new talent, they need to make themselves more available and appealing to candidates. According to a recent Misco survey, companies need to invest in employee retention by developing their employees and addressing their needs and values.

Always striving to be ahead of the game and the emerging trends in the workplace, UP Academy is excited to announce the launch of a thought-provoking series of educational online sessions dedicated to digging deep and investigating a range of pertinent issues and challenges facing employees and companies in 2022.

We’ve brought together our knowledge, expertise and track record, as one of Malta’s most dynamic coaching companies, to create a unique collection of online tasters providing insights on a range of topics aimed at upping each person’s level to become the best version of themselves.

Each topic is divided into easy-to-follow bite-sized sessions and concludes with a quick quiz testing knowledge gained from the sessions. Successful participants receive a certificate.

Our themes focus on getting out of the comfort zone, resetting the mindset, challenging assumptions, creating alignment, building trust and pushing boundaries to have a better understanding of how each one of us can become that high performer, engaged and ultimate performer.

Our goal is to engage both individuals who desire to up their game as well as companies seeking an effective learning and development tool they can offer to employees to unlock their potential.

Come join us on this journey as we create a community of forward-thinking professionals ready to push boundaries to reach that self-enhancing next level. What differentiates each one of us, whether as an individual or company, is how to strengthen competitiveness and develop ourselves to be that authentic value-adding asset.

Change your Mindset, Change your Game!

Visit us at the FHRD conference on Friday to discuss how we can help you continue to remain competitive while building your employer brand through the nurturing of your primary asset: your people!