TEAM UP recently attended the SiGMA Malta iGaming summit organised by Eman Pulis and co to bring together every sector of the iGaming industry locally and overseas. With over 400 travellers, it was truly an international event. I was asked to conduct the Speed Networking session on Day 2 to energise the participants and get them to share contacts. Otherwise, Team UP was on the Corporate Wellness stand in the Expo networking away and introducing ourselves to potential partners.

Interestingly, everyone we met acknowledged the need to strategically place wellness on the agenda of the business, in particular for an industry that requires nerves of steel, high stress levels and long hours. Wellness is probably one of the leading aspects of performance that can result in greater organisational performance in such an environment.

Our partners helped us with an excellent stand in the Wellness area. P Cutajar and Lavazza provided coffee to kick start the day, with their Blue coffee makers becoming the stars of our stand in the early hours. Clara from Myoka provided excellent ‘sitting’ massages to stressed participants (too much partying, I think) and these are really useful parasympathetic triggers that should feature in any stressed working environment. Eurosport set up a cool treadmill to represent the fitness side of our business, giving discounts to our visitors, and Doneo provided us with the screens to project our mission, values, objectives and services throughout the Expo. We were also provided with some really cool furniture by the organisers that are designed around wellness, ergonomics and energy return. Clearly, if you spend a third of your life on a work-station, it really needs to be the best for your posture and wellness! I thank them all for their support.

Deirdre, although ironically unwell, provided tips on exercise and movement, while Christine, our nutritional therapist explained to potential clients how we map our our educational workshops on fuelling our amazing body/machines. I spent my time talking about the concepts of performance that rely on mental clarity and mindfulness.

We met C-Level leaders that want to install a culture of wellness and are keen to engage us in mapping out how to create a change in culture at their workplace. Others are keen to look at their own wellbeing and their individual performance. Whatever your goal, a clear mind and an energised body will undoubtedly give you the edge on your competition, aside from feeling great!

Here are some photos of the event. For more information about our wellness programmes please get in touch.

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